Cancer Info
    I suspect i have cancer, what should i do?

Put it simply. First, keep a positive and optimistic attitude; Second, see a doctor immediately. 

In fact, all cancers have potential to spread and be fatal, however most of them are treatable provided that it's detected and treated early enough. The earlier the cancer is detected and treated, the better a person's chance for recovery. 

Although there is still no one hundred percent cure for all cancers. However, with the advancement of technology, and a variety of sophisticated cancer prediction, cancer screening and cancer treatment technologies, to cure some cancers, reduce or eliminate it's discomfort are still possible.

Cancer Prevention Tips
    (1) Healthy Eating

  • Balanced, moderate diet
  • Limit red meat(no more than 1 pound or 500g per week), and eat more     vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals, beans and appropriate amount of
    seeds & nuts
  • Eat clean, natural, fresh, light food
  • Avoid preserved, smoked, grilled, fried, processed and raw food
  • Be cautious of Aflatoxin, avoid declaying rice, grains, peanuts, beans and it's
  • Be cautious of radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics in food
  • Be cautious of Vitamins, supplement, extract, use it only in the direction of your
    doctor and registered Dietitian.
  • Avoid hormone and steroid supplements
  • Drink enough water (average 8 glasses = 2 Litres) daily

    (2) Healthy Activities 

  • Avoid sitting, stay active and have enough exercise (at least 30 minutes)
    every day
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Protect yourself from the Sun
  • Enough sleep (8 hours a day)
  • Keep cheerful mind
  • Get rid of bad habits, such as smoking, and excessive alcohol
  • Safe sex, and don't share needle 

    (3) Good Personal Hygiene

  • Maintain good personal hygiene
  • Stay away from air and radiation polluted environment
  • Stay away from asbestos, radon, formaldehyde and heavy metals carcinogenic     polluted environment
  • Be cautious of the chemical component of daily commodities, household 
    articles, clothings, cosmetics and Personal care Products 

    (4) Regular Medical Checkup

  • Pay attention to abnormal changes in your body
  • Learn family cancer history, and tell your doctor
  • Get regular body checkup by qualified Oncologist
  • Get immunized by HPV(cervical cancer) & HBV(hepatitis B) vaccine injection 
    if necessary 

Cancer Info


*Sources of informations: Prof. Mary Beckerle --- The University of Utah, Hong Kong Cancer Fund, World Health Organization, The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society.

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